Our experienced administrative staff and distribution facilities allows us to offer critical logistics, inventory and warehouse support as well as comprehensive ecommerce fulfillment expertise.




  • Dedicated retailer EDI administrative and logistics personnel
  • National and international warehousing capabilities including:
    • Warehousing
    • Packaging
    • Labelling
    • Product fulfillment
    • Planning forecasting and inventory management
  • Specialists in Canadian and international ecommerce WEB facilitation
  • Centrally located for cross Canada and cross boarder shipping


  • USM products are shipping from our domestic warehouse and from foreign sites to destinations across North America, Europe and Asia
  • Our export /import administration team are familiar with all domestic and international regulatory, duty, and logistics requirements and can facilitate all aspects of export needs




We know your business and with the contacts we've developed over the years we work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure we find the right product at the right price. We don’t stop there; we work diligently to anticipate any potential issues before they occur to make sure your products are delivered without damage or delay.




  • From product to packaging design
  • Knowing the right factories to use
  • Understanding regulatory and environmental concerns
  • Providing guidance on language and packaging requirements
  • Logistics and distribution support




United Sales and Marketing has been sourcing new products and launching brands for more than a quarter century. Our team relies on our extensive buying and marketing experience to ensure your product ideas move seamless from concept to the factory and to retail shelves. Experts in product sourcing, branding, marketing




  1. sourcing product and manufacturing facility
  2. packaging and logo design,
  3. regulatory consultation
  4. brand and product positioning
  5. retail channel management
  6. private label development
  7. marketing and promotional support




We strive to maintain an environmental focus throughout our organization from the products and packaging we source to our corporate facilities and business practices. 




  • Product Introductions:
    • New non toxic, chemical free cleaning line
    • PFTE and PFOA non – stick glass bakeware
    • Sustainable bamboo kitchen products
    • Recycled stainless steel products
  • Business Practices:
    • Collect and recycle cardboard and metals
    • When possible reuse packaging materials
    • Timed thermostat
    • Efficient lighting program
    • Office water purification system and no plastic bottle policy